So You Like Playing With Balls

Can you do an AU HighSchool Zianourry NiallCentric? Their all in the football team but Niall is the youngest. He’s about 16-17 while the others are 18 or 19. He’s basically the teams fuck toy


Niall’s POV

My name is Niall Horan and I am a sophomore at X Factor High. It’s a school for musicians and it’s the best school for singing. That is why I moved here from Ireland. They have sports teams as well and I made the football team my freshman year. That year I met the fab four; the best singers and football players.

The leader of the group is Zayn Malik. All the girls want him and all the guys want to be him. He has tattoos on his arm that compliment his tan skin perfectly. He has black hair that is always styled nicely. No joke even after games his hair was flawless. And he knew it too. He would run up the sidelines and run his hand through his hair knowing that the girls would scream and holler and probably faint at the sight. He would just smirk and walk over to Liam.

Liam Payne is Zayn’s best friend. He use to have shaggy hair but shaved it off because it was becoming too much to manage. He didn’t have the patience Zayn had when it came to his hair. He had puppy dog eyes and was the most responsible one out of the group, but he had a side to him; a side that I found to be sexy as hell. He had tattoos as well, not as many as Zayn but still sexy enough to catch my eye as well as all the girls. My favorite tattoo of his is “Everything I ever wanted but nothing I’ll ever need.” Its mysterious I think and he doesn’t seem like the type that would get a tattoo. But everyone in the group has tattoos and Louis’ made no sense.

Louis Tomlinson is the hyper and loud one of the group. The one that makes everyone laugh and is known as the class clown.  He has sandy blonde or brown hair; I could never tell what color it is. Its like brown with a golden glow. Anyway he has ice baby blue eyes that compliment his smile, especially when he’s talking to Harry.

Harry Styles is Louis’ boyfriend. He has tattoos that make no sense either but they go with Louis’. Its like their diary or something. Its where they record their relationship to where the public can see how in love they are with each other. Harry has green eyes that go great with Louis’ blue ones and curly hair that compliments Louis’ straight fringe. Even though they were a couple and everyone knew it, the girls still went weak at the knees watching them play football.

The fab four had a secret though and that secret was me; I was their fuck toy.


Zayn’s POV

I am a senior at X Factor High; the best school for singers and performers. I have a band called The Fab Four but no one knows that that is our plan. The group name came to us when me and my three best friends met and made the football team together. We made a great team; we were the best players and the best singers. Our coach, who was also our singing teacher, called us The Fab Four and it just kind of stuck. It helps that we are also the hottest guys in the school.

Last year everything changed for us. A new kid made the team; a freshman named Niall. He was from Ireland and loved football and singing. He had dyed blonde hair that you could see his brown roots underneath, but I found that hot. His eyes were a sexy color of blue and they always lit up when he sang and played football.

Yes you heard me correctly; I think he’s hot and sexy. Yes girls always throw themselves at me but I’m gay. It is funny because everyone in the group is gay and we are called The Fab Five because we are FABULOUS! I digress, Niall is the new kid on the team and we were all in awe over this kid. He’s pale but it goes with him. It can pull that pale look off and I think he would bad with a tan. This year though we decided to do something about our obsession with the Irish lad that drove us crazy.

I discussed it with the boys first and they agreed, but of course I had to go first; and I wasn’t complaining. I wanted to find out just how sexy it would look with my tan skin tone moving against his pale skin tone.

My chance came when everyone left the locker room before I got there. A couple of the cheerleaders stopped me to talk and I have to keep up my straight appearance so of course I stopped to ‘flirt’ with them. I finally said good bye and made my way to the locker room. I strip out of my sweaty clothes and walk into the showers. I hear this beautiful voice singing old traditional Irish songs and I knew it was Niall. I followed his voice until I was stood in front of him; smirking. He turned around and jumped.

“I’m sorry, I thought everyone was gone.” He blushed a deep red that looked adorable and sexy at the same time.

“Oh don’t worry about it mate.” I wink and walk closer to him; he backs up until his back hits the wall. I place my hands on his hips and move my hips closer so our cocks are touching. “Relax baby, I’m not going to hurt you. All the girls wish I would do this to them, but I want you.” I whisper seductively in his ear. I see him visibly gulp and that gave me the idea to start off small.

I move my head a little so my lips are on his neck. I place a small peck there and hear him moan. His moan immediately goes to my cock and with the friction between mine and his cock, I feel myself harden. He sighs in pleasure and moves his hips for more friction. I decide to suck on his neck and make sure to leave a mark. Liam is next and I know he loves when his little fuck toys are marked up by someone else. He’s competitive so when he sees the marks he has to prove he can do it better.

Niall places his hands on my shoulders and squeezes. He moans my name and I know I am sucking on his sweet spot. I suck harder and move my hands to his ass and squeeze. He gasps and digs his nails into my skin and thrusts towards me. I feel how hard he is and decide he’s ready.

I turn my around and he automatically places his hands on the wall in front of him for support. I get on my knees and kiss and suck on his ass cheeks, leaving more marks for Liam to discover. I spread his cheeks apart and start licking his hole. I hear him moan my name again and with his accent it sounds so fucking hot. I start tongue fucking his hole and he clenches around my tongue. He is so tight and I can only imagine how he’s going to feel around my cock. Clearly he is a virgin and I should spend time opening up but I am selfish and want to feel his amazing tightness.

I stand back up and push just the head of my cock into his ass. His hands ball up in fists as he groans at the new intrusion. I want him to scream out my name so I thrust all the way in and back out again. My plan worked because he screamed my name so loud I had to cover his mouth so the coach wouldn’t hear him. I continue to fuck him hard and soon his muffled screams turn to moans and I remove my hand from his mouth. I move the hand to his cock and start jerking him off in time with my thrusts. I thrust into him fast and hard until he’s cumming all over my hand. He clenches around me when he releases and the tightness is too much so I cum inside of him. I thrust a couple more times before pulling my softened cock out of his stretched hole.

He turns around and wraps his arms around my neck for support. I chuckle and wrap my arms around his waist and rest my hands on his back. We catch our breaths and finally pull away from each other.

“That was amazing Zayn.” Niall said with a blush.

“It was my pleasure being your first time.” I smirk as he looks at me. We finish cleaning up and get dressed. “By the way, we will be doing this again. The boys also want to do things to you.” I whisper in his ear as I slip my number into his pocket. I turn and leave the locker room; texting Liam.

To Leeeeeyyyyuuuuuumm
Heyy Li man. Just want to say I fucked him really good. He was so tight but he’s stretched out now so whenever you are ready. I know you hate taking time to stretch out your little fuck toys ;)

I walk back to my dorm and fall asleep to the images of Niall and me fucking in the showers.


Liam’s POV

I get a text from Zayn and read it. The message was fucking hot. He just fucked the Irish lad on our team which means it’s my turn. Luckily, I already have Niall’s number because he was my duet partner a while ago. I send him a quick text telling him to come to my dorm. I give him my dorm building and number and wait for a response.

To Liam
Um okay? I’ll be right there?

For some reason that message turned me on and I start getting hard just thinking about what I am going to do to him.

To The Tommo
Louis!!!! Zayn just fucked Niall and Niall is on his way to my dorm. Give me an hour and then you and Harry can come get him.

To Daddy Fabulous
Yes sir! Harry and I can’t wait so make it quick

To The Tommo
Don’t rush perfection

To Daddy Fabulous
I’m not rushing perfection, I’m rushing you!

I was about to respond until I heard a soft knock on the door. I stand up not even trying to cover my erection. That knock he just gave proves he is a submissive bottom and I can’t wait. I answer the door and his face is priceless as he looks directly at my problem. I chuckle and pull him in by his shirt. I close the door and shove him up against the wall; thankful I don’t have a roommate. I attack his lips and unbutton his pants pushing them down along with his boxers. I grab his cock and start stroking. I kiss him deeply to block his moan. His hand finds his way to the button and zipper on my pants. He is obviously new at this because it takes him a while. I pull back from the kiss and remove my pants has he steps out of his. He takes off my shirt and starts kissing my neck; I guess to prove that he is capable of doing this. I moan and pull him back and take off his shirt.

I lift him up and he wraps his legs around my waist and it’s my turn to suck on his neck. I see Zayn left a hickey, so I suck a new one next to Zayn’s and make sure it’s bigger and darker. Niall moves his hands to my hair and moves his head so I have more room and better angle. He moans Zayn’s name and I stop. He apologizes but it actually turned me on and now I know I have to fuck him better than Zayn.

“I plan on fucking you so hard against this wall.” I say as I push him harder against the wall. His legs wrap tighter around me for more support.

I place my cock teasingly against his hole and thrust deep into him. He is stretched out because of Zayn, but I am bigger than Zayn so I stretch him more causing him to scream out my name this time. I smirk with satisfaction and fuck him so hard. I feel his cock between us and it’s the most amazing feeling ever. Its so hot knowing that I’m pretty much jerking him off with mine and his body. The thought overwhelms me and I cum in Niall. The force of my cum causes Niall to release between us; getting cum on the front of our bodies.

I pull out and carry him to the bed to lay him down. I didn’t want to set him on the ground because I didn’t want him to lose balance.

“Stay right here. I’m going to get a wash cloth to clean us up.” I wink at him and walk into the bathroom. I come back and clean his cum off his chest and hand him his clothes. “Well that was amazing. We will be doing this again. Along with the others, they all want to fuck you.” I smirk as he gets dressed. He nods with wide eyes and is about to leave before I grab his wrist and turning him around. I kiss him passionately so he knows that this wasn’t a onetime thing and that I will always remember this. 

He smiles and turns to the door and leaves.


Harry’s POV

Louis and I hear Niall scream and moan Liam’s name. I pull off of Louis’ cock and smirk at him. He nods his head as to tell me to go wait for Niall to leave Liam’s. I walk over to the door and crack the door open and wait.

A couple moments later, I see Niall leave Liam’s and I open the door all the way. I grab him by the collar on his shirt and pull him into the room. I drag him over to the couch where Louis is sitting and sit down next to Louis.

“You are going to suck me off while Louis fucks you so hard in the ass. But first you need to strip. But not just any strip, strip slowly like you are a stripper and I want a lap dance.” I say; more like demand. It feels good to boss someone else around for once because Louis is my top and he’s very bossy and demanding.

Niall looks at us innocently and it turns me on. What turns me on the most is that I know its not him pretending to be innocent, he really is innocent and that makes it ten times more hot. Niall slowly stands up and backs up so he’s in front of us in the middle of the room. Louis and I stroke each other’s cocks as we watch the cute blonde boy in front of us strip off his clothes.

He removes his shirt; slowly exposing more and more of his perfect body. He finally lifts it over his head and throws it on the floor. He moves his hands down his chest and abs until he get to the button on his jeans. He pops the button and unzips the zipper; slowly pushing his pants down and stepping out them. He kicks them to the side and sticks his hand down his boxers and strokes his cock. He turns around so his back is facing us and I can see he’s still stroking his cock. He stops and takes his hand out, placing his two thumbs under the waistband and pulling down his boxers. His perfect ass was up in the air and you can see his hole gaping from being fucked by two massive dicks.

Louis moans and this causes Niall to turn around and walk back towards us. He kneels down in front of me and takes my cock into his mouth. I moan and move my hands to his hair.


Louis’ POV

Seeing Niall’s gaping hole exposed like that, turned me on. I was so glad when he decided to walk over and start sucking Harry’s cock. I jump right up and position myself behind him. I spread his cheeks and see that Liam’s cum is still wet inside of him and decide that’s enough lube and thrust in. Niall moans which sends vibrations down Harry’s cock because Harry moans loudly and thrusts up into Niall’s mouth. Niall gags but takes Harry’s cock like a champ while Harry throat fucks him. I thrust into Niall in time with Harry thrusting into Niall’s mouth.

Harry and I play a game where I copy everything he does with his thrusts. He would go faster but not as hard and I would do the same. Then he was slow down but thrust harder and deeper into his mouth; I would do the same to Niall’s ass. I knew Harry was close when I couldn’t keep up because his thrusts became sporadic and had no rhythm to it.

Harry and I came at the same time and Niall swallowed off Harry’s cum. I pull out and throw Niall on the couch. Harry gets up and hovers over Niall and lowers his head so he’s in front of Niall’s hole. Harry sucks my cum out of his ass while I suck on Niall’s cock. Once Harry is done sucking out my cum, he moves up and helps me lick at his cock. I suck the head of Niall’s head and swirl my tongue around the slit. Harry licks the shaft and plays with his balls.

“I’m so close guys.” Niall warns in this thick Irish accent. Harry and I pull off and I jerk off Niall until he cumming both of our faces and getting some in our mouths.

Harry grabs my face and lick the cum off my face before kissing me and shoving the cum in my mouth so I can taste Niall. He tastes so sweet so I lick his cum off Harry’s face and return the favor. Harry moans into the kiss and we pull apart to look at Niall whose eyes are wide.

“What? You thought the Fab Five were all straight? Yeah no we love to fuck and you are the most perfect guy to fuck. We plan on doing this again.” I smile at him. He smiles back and gets up to get dressed. He was about to leave when Zayn and Liam come into the room. Niall’s eyes widen thinking we are all about to fuck him at the same time. We laugh at his reaction and hug him.

“We just want to cuddle with our new fuck toy.” Zayn laughs and picks up Niall and sitting on the floor in front of the couch. We all pile over to them and share a big blanket together, just watching a movie… and planning our next adventure with this Irish fuck toy. We found the gold at the end of the rainbow.   

A/N I hope this is long and smutty for you guys :)

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