Baby I’m In Heat

Hi there! Ummm I see you’re taking prompts so can I pleeeaaaase ask for some hot (with heat and knotting and all that crazy but weirdly hot stuff) alpha/omega Lilo with ALPHALOUIS!!!! this is something I’ve wanted for soooo long but it’s always alphaLiam so please, I’m begging - write this for me.

Summary: Liam is in heat and Louis plans on taking care of that.


Liam wakes up all sweaty and he knows exactly what is wrong. He’s in heat and he’s extremely horny. He looks over at his alpha mate, Louis, and sees him inhale deeply. Louis’ eyes shoot open and they are full of lust as he looks at Liam. Liam moans at the look Louis is giving him and all he wants is for Louis to fuck him.

Without any warning Louis attacks Liam; forcing Liam to turn over and support himself on all fours. Louis licks up his back to his neck where he bites down hard. Liam moans from the mix of pain and pleasure and clenches the sheets below him.

“Louis baby, I’m in heat and I am really horny. We have been waiting for this moment so I can get pregnant so please just fuck me.” Liam whines, getting impatient.

Louis stopped his teasing and positioned himself better. He thrusted in all the way and continued to fuck Liam.

“You fucking like that babe. You’re my little bitch aren’t you my little omega slut. Oh fuck you feel so good.” Louis growled out.

“Mmmmm fuck Louis, you-you- you’re knotting. Fuck that feels so good.” Liam moans.

“Fuck yeah I am. You feel that, you like my knot.” Louis breathes out.

As the boys wait for Louis to finish, Louis attacks Liam’s back with his nails and teeth. Louis digs his nails deeply into Liam’s skin and drags them down his back. He places his lips between Liam’s shoulder blades and kisses softly before he bites hard at the skin. He broke the skin and Liam screams out in pain but soon turns to moans as Louis sucks on the wound.

Once Louis finishes, he pulls out and flips Liam back over.

“Oh fuck baby that was amazing. We were waiting forever for you to be in heat and I am so happy tonight was that night. You are the best mate ever and I really hope this works.” Louis calms down from his alpha sexual state and kisses Liam softly.


A/N This is short because I realized I am not good at these!!! So please I would love advice on how to write these better

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